• My rescue dog Clover had a fractured femur that was not healing well - in fact amputation was recommended. Nikki used pulsed electromagnetic therapy and manual techniques on her leg, which we managed to save. Clover now leads a normal life and doesn't even limp!
  • Shakira, Veterinary Nurse
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  • Professional veterinary physiotherapy

    Maintaining the musculoskeletal system to assist comfortable, functional locomotion

  • Injury prevention and performance enhancement

    Also assists post operative or post injury healing to support a healthy recovery

  • Improve performance and promote healing

    Restoring, promoting and maintaining function and physical wellbeing

What is veterinary physiotherapy?

Veterinary physiotherapy is focussed upon restoring, promoting and maintaining function and physical wellbeing. It is an evidence-based discipline which improves performance and promotes healing. It can be used post-surgery or after injury, to manage ongoing musculoskeletal or orthopaedic conditions, or as a maintenance programme to prevent tightness and tenderness affecting locomotion and performance.